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The NETA Awards are now the Public Media Awards honoring our members' achievements in education, community engagement, marketing/communication, and content. 

The Public Media Awards presented by NETA are a mosaic. A mosaic of the highest caliber programming, education, marketing and engagement. A mosaic of relevant content that reflects both creativity and diversity. And a mosaic of narratives that paint rich stories of truth and consequence. Piece by piece and member by member, we come together as choreographers of the public good, to spark more imagination and inspiration than we ever could have alone.

The awards will be presented in January 2020 during the annual NETA Conference and CPB Public Media Thought Leaders Forum.

Questions about anything Awards-related: or contact Tim Eernisse at 803-978-1597


$60 per early bird entry through 11:59 PM Hawaii Standard Time on August 14. 

$80 per entry after 12:00 AM Hawaii Standard Time on September 18.
VISA or MasterCard accepted.

  • No checks or purchase orders permitted.
  • No refunds issued for any reason.
  • You may withdraw your entry from competition, but your entry fee will not be refunded
  • Entry deadline: September 18, 2020 at midnight Hawaii Standard Time.

To be eligible you must be a NETA Member. Entries must have been created/produced/published/posted/broadcast between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020.

  • You may enter as many eligible projects as you want
  • You may enter the same project in multiple categories
  • Any number of entries in any category may be submitted
  • Independent producers may enter into the "Independent Production" categories ONLY

Visit this site to enter

Finalists will be notified via station General Managers by mid-November. 

Entries will close at midnight HST on September 17

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