The NETA Awards, first organized in 1968, honor our members' finest work in education, community engagement, marketing/communications and content.


New categories for 2019!

NETA formed a working group of public television station leaders that reviewed and revised every award category plus added some new categories. Updated category information can be found here.

This year, in addition to our regular award categories, we will be honoring one station per category for overall excellence. Please note when submitting your awards, you will need to choose which division your station falls in.

Division 1 – Stations with NFFS over $4M

Division 2 – Stations with NFFS under $4M
(NFFS amount based on FY17 CPB reports)

If you are unsure of your station's status, please click here.

For a list of frequently asked questions and information on eligibility, click here.